Episode 15: Mitch McConnell Speaks!

This week, the political shows welcomed a new face—Mitch McConnell!  Yes, the man who has been described as “master of his own silence” actually spoke.  And answered questions.  Sort of.  On this Week’s Polilogue, we look at the interview with Mitch, as well as the other topics tackled this week, including: tax reform, sexual assault, and the controversy surrounding US operations in Niger.  

It was a week of stand-out episodes and segments.  Some good, some not so good.  Guests ranged from the solemn (Gold Star father Khizr Khan) to the showy (actor Michael Kelly); and topics ranged from nuclear war to the war within the Republican Party.  

If you would like to listen to a specific segment from today’s episode, you can jump straight to that chapter: 

  • Introduction
  • Highlight/Lowlight
  • The Battle in Niger
  • The Mitch MicConnell Interview
  • Show Rankings
  • Closing

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