Episode 19: Sexual Harassment is a bipartisan reckoning

The sexual harassment allegations keep growing— and the reputation of men in Hollywood, media, and politics continues to shatter. The Sunday talk shows explore this watershed moment through a variety of lenses. Most prominently, the shows probed into the Roy Moore molestation scandal and Senator Al Franken’s insulting “humor and jokes.” Hosts and guests ask why President Trump can comment on the later while not taking a clear stand on the former. 

The Sunday talk shows also had on several thought leaders and female politicians to discuss workplace safety more broadly. Victims are kept silent and abusers continue their behavior, because too many systems in this country allow it. We also look at excellent interviews with White House administration officials that push leaders and demand transparency in both the Roy Moore harassment story and their tax cut promises. 

  • Introduction
  • Highlight/Lowlight
  • The Dam Breaks
  • Tax Bill Senate Blues
  • Show Rankings
  • Closing

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