Episode 20: Echo Responses in Sexual Harassment

America is having a profound educational moment as the flurry of sexual harassment allegations affect both parties. It’s no surprise, abusive men in power are falling in many industries. But apparently, disappointing responses and shoddy defenses are also a bipartisan issue. 

Leader Nancy Pelosi received significant backlash for her recent performance on Meet the Press, where she was lenient on Representative John Conyers and hesitant to believe his accusers. In this episode of Polilogue, we dive deep into this interview and show each misstep. We demonstrate that each statement parallels the verbal acrobatics of the White House these last few weeks.  

Later, we analyze the evolving narrative of Republican responses to Roy Moore — beginning with the President, who finally spoke out. Sort of. Then, we highlight some sage voices on what to expect next from this story, both in politics and beyond. 

  • Introduction
  • Highlight/Lowlight
  • Pelosi fails
  • Trumps warms to Moore
  • Shifting ground on harassment 
  • Show Rankings
  • Closing

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