Episode 3: Specifics for the General (Kelly)

Surprise! We talk personnel and health care again. While every week feels like we reach a new threshold of breaking news alerts—the Sunday talk show themes are consistently about one thing: political chaos.  At the time of this episode’s recording, the latest staff change at the White House was about the Chief of Staff— General John Kelly. So our comments about Scaramucci in this episode center not on his sudden departure, but on his lively New Yorker interview.

Polilogue is more than just capturing the latest news alert— although there are plenty of political podcasts that offer that and they are Steidle-Soto household staples. Here, we examine the Sunday morning talk shows, because we think these shows matter. They define the national political conversation and establish expectations for leaders, stakeholders and influencers. We crave rich dialogue about problems and opportunities that both Republicans and Democrats face. We seek interviews full of tough and fair questions. 

And those conversations?

Well, they have a longer shelf life than any news alert. 


The guests on the four shows included:

  • Face the Nation 
    CBS Chief White House Correspondent, Major Garrett; CBS News Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Margaret Brennan; Senator Jeff Flake; Senator Dianne Feinstein; and CBS News Elections and Surveys Director, Anthony Salvanto
  • This Week 
    ABC News Chief White House Correspondent, Jonathan Karl; conservative radio talk show host, Bill Cunningham; Health and Human Secretary, Tom Price; Former chair of the Hillary Clinton campaign, John Podesta; ABC News Contributor, Colonel Steve Ganyard; and President of Ploughshares Fund, Joe Cirincione; Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov
  • State of the Union
    White House Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney; Senator Susan Collins; and Senator Bernie Sanders
  • Meet the Press 
    Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price; Senator Susan Collins; Republican strategist, Corey Lewandowski

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