Episode 7: Of Hurricanes and Pardons

Hurricane Harvey floodwaters are still rising in Texas. All of the Sunday news shows led with the storm, and we anticipate the coverage to continue, especially as aid and recovery spreads over the coming weeks and months.

So this week on Polilogue, we ask, “how effective are the shows at covering events like natural disasters?" Hurricane Harvey is of course newsworthy— and there are people on the ground affected by the devastation— but should a weekly political show cover the storm differently than a daily show? We examine hosts and guests to determine the quality of a shifting conversation. We also discuss Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. 

This week, we’re also introducing show chapters! If you’re interested in a specific segment, feel free to jump straight to it. Show chapters are supported by nearly every podcast player except the default one from Apple — so we encourage you to use a different podcast player.  Here's a link to our favorite podcast player that supports chapters (and it's free!): Overcast available on the App Store. Visit: https://overcast.fm


  • Introduction 
  • Highlight/Lowlight 
  • Hurricane Harvey 
  • Joe Arpaio Pardon 
  • Rankings 
  • Closing


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