Episode 27: Two Unwelcomed Messages

The Sunday talk shows focused on two major stories that could have, and probably should have, been avoided. First, President Trump’s derogatory comments about Haiti and African countries derailed the immigration negotiations and led senators to accuse each other of lying and deception. And, of course, the White House is backpedaling the president’s insulting comments. 

The second avoidable story was the nuclear message that was mistakenly sent to all Hawaiians that a nuclear missile was coming towards them. It stressed that the message was not a drill; the message was not true — and it took about 40 minutes for the state to rectify. This left families and Hawaiians petrified, reeling, and running for safety for more than half an hour. The anecdotes we hear on the Sunday talk shows about Hawaii’s horror are haunting and frustrating. 

This week on Polilogue we look at both of the stories and ask ourselves, who approached each story with the weight and conversation they deserve? And who will push the dialogue forward?  

  • Introduction
  • Highlight / Lowlight
  • DACA Politics 
  • DACA Policy Implications 
  • Nuclear threat in Hawaii
  • Rankings 
  • Closing 

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