Episode 29: Of shutdowns and new starts

The government shut down for less than 72 hours, but the Washington blame game was thriving on the Sunday talk shows. Half of Washington called the shutdown the Schumer shutdown, and other half called it the Trump shutdown. We take a step back and explain why the blame game is important to analyze and how it could still jeopardize DACA negotiations in the weeks to come.

We also bid adieu to a Sunday morning staple as John Dickerson hosted his last Face the Nation episode. Dickerson is moving over to the CBS This Morning to replace Charlie Rose. His contribution to the Sunday talk shoes cannot be overstated. Dickerson demanded civility and rigor week after week— and Polilogue grew wiser following his show for the last six months. Whoever replaces Dickerson will have big shoes to fill, but we’re hopeful that the Face the Nation spirit will remain steadfast even with the new host.

  • Introduction
  • Highlight / Lowlight
  • Can Trump govern?
  • Senate Dems hold the line
  • Adieu to John Dickerson
  • Rankings 
  • Closing 

The Sunday political shows discussed this week:  

Fierce little ladies at Women's Marches

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