Episode 31: Fire and Fury and Firing

Republicans may have control over the White House, House, and Senate, but they are by no means are united. This was evident in two issues on this week’s Sunday talk shows. First, not everyone was concerned or even phased with reports last week that President Trump ordered the firing of the special investigator Bob Mueller last summer. And second, not everyone is under the impression that the White House immigration framework could feasibly serve as guideposts for Congressional leaders.

In this episode of Polilogue, we explore the political spectrum of expectations and responses from far right Republicans, moderate Republicans who want to work with Trump, and centrist Democrats that are more interested in governance than they are in the upcoming elections. We also continue the conversation from last week that rich dialogue is possible when there is diversity of identity, thought, and experience. 

We’ll be back tomorrow with an episode of President Trump’s first state of the union speech.

  • Introduction
  • Highlight / Lowlight
  • The almost-firing of Bob Mueller  
  • WH immigration framework
  • State of the Union sneak peak 
  • Rankings 
  • Closing 

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