Episode 33: Memo Madness

Last week, President Trump approved the release of a Republican memo from the House Intelligence Committee. This news story may be one of the complicated stories we have seen and discussed during Polilogue’s run. The memo was both simultaneously overpromised as a President Trump’s path to vindication and undersold as  recording breaking partisan manipulation. There is no clear winner or loser— and yet— the memo matters. 

In this episode of Polilogue, we examine the role of President Trump and Congressional Republicans in developing and releasing this memo. But more importantly, we note the attack on the credibility of America’s political institutions like Congress and the FBI. We ask ourselves, what does it mean to watch the slow disintegration of national norms?

  • Introduction
  • The memo in a nutshell 
  • Highlight/lowlight
  • How the shows framed the memo
  • Guests & panelists weigh in
  • Show rankings 
  • Closing

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