Episode 38: A New Anchor Shines

More often than not,  ABC’s This Week, takes the #1 slot in Polilogue’s show rankings. That's still true, but this time for a different reason. On the latest episode of This Week, Jonathan Karl hosted. Karl is a the Chief White House Correspondent for ABC. He doesn’t normally fill in, because if George Stephanopoulos can’t host, usually Martha Raddatz can.  But this time, Karl hosted— and he was great! Karl brought the richness of his career and a new tone to his each interview. 

For the first segment, we look at Jonathan Karl’s unique qualities. We also discuss Trump’s decision to meet with the North Korea dictator, Kim Jong-Un, and what is at stake for this controversial meeting. 

  • Introduction
  • Highlight/lowlight
  • Jonathan Karl on This Week
  • A North Korea meeting?
  • Rankings
  • Closing

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