Naomi Soto


The best way to describe me is like Hermione—except instead of having all of the answers/any answers memorized— I always have questions ready at a flash. Not everyone has appreciated this (i.e. childhood Sunday school teachers and later bosses), but my fascination with questions has served me well throughout my career. I studied journalism and English and have over ten years of health communications, programming, and policy experience. I’m currently in graduate school—where it’s still unclear if my professors appreciate or are annoyed by my questions.

Most days my questions revolve around any of the following:

  •  what are the direct and indirect impacts of health policy on patient outcomes and care delivery?
  • what is the interplay of local/state/national politics on effective policymaking? 
  •  what are appropriate, effective, or justified steps  marginalized groups can take on to call out BS? 
  • gee, how long IS the list of health, social, and economic burdens that women face everyday?
  • why does effective and nuance communication strategies ellude so many people?
  • why is my dog so insanely cute?