Why Questions? 


Why doesn't
the question mark
get the love it deserves? 

Every single question starts with a single spark of curiosity. The search after a meaningful question, can lead to reading, research, and fruitful conversations. And sometimes, if we’re lucky, questions bring us to new answers-- or familiar answers that we knew, but forgot. Often, however, questions don't bring us any answers at all. In fact, they can bring us the opposite: more questions! This website doesn’t promise any answers. There may be some, but in general, this website does not promise to get to a period at the end of every sentence. We don't promise that most sentences will be declarative sentences. Start with a Question (SwQ) aims to go after hard question marks: questions that stump us, challenge us, hurt us, bother us, and fascinate us. SwQ explores the role and value of questions in our lives and sees critical thinking as both an individual and societal responsibility. This website promises inquisitiveness and a promise to push past the uncomfortable. The world around us can be surrounded by fogginess. But a good question can serve like an industrial flashlight helping us see through all the gray and get back on our intended path-- and the same said flashlight can lead us to a new path with more fogginess and more wonder. The choice is yours. 

Welcome to Start with a Question.